MOTTIGLIENGO Architecture integrated in Pharmacy is a specialist company that thanks to its large customer base and experience gained over the years, researches and develops integrated solutions of furniture, construction works and systems.
Our primary objectives are:
– to create a  quality environment, providing functionalities, flexibility and dynamism over time;
– to update with professionalism and competence the tradition of pharmaceutical ethics;
– provide a unique and personalized service based on a policy of “closeness” to the customer.
MOTTIGLIENGO sets its strategy of “substantial” or “partial” renewal of Pharmacy, paying attention to the technical-historical-ancient-family integration.
The architectural vision of the interiors and the knowledge of modern merchandising rules are the foundation of a constantly new and dynamic workplace.
We process since the preliminary draft an analytical specification estimate concerning works and supplies prices, including warranty clauses, according to the formula “turnkey + leasing
that allows the customer to easily evaluate the quality/price ratio.
We make our projects — managed as job orders – according to a written work planning, which is indispensable for organizing, managing and allowing the customer to control the various construction steps divided into: disassembly, removal, buildings, equipment, fixtures, fittings, plaster, ceilings, custom woodworking, signs/crosses, graphics and decorations.
If required a transport service is offered for storing drugs at our premises.